In 2000, DTX Creative (DTX) was organized as a traditional marketing company founded in Boise, Idaho. From the beginning, the company positioned its offerings and services as an integral part of their clients’ marketing teams. As a result, DTX formed strong, lasting partnerships. The company’s growth strategy has evolved over the past several years to focus on integrating new digital technology into existing campaigns, and has subsequently gained momentum within the industry as the “go-to” partner for innovative approaches to training.

In 2015, the company implemented a new form of immersive technology using virtual reality (VR). With a futuristic mindset, the company launched 360 Immersive, LLC (360immersive) with the conviction that VR is not just a burgeoning niche for gaming enthusiasts. We have seen how VR can represent a new medium of storytelling capable of transforming human experiences. Immersive technology is the future of education, health, manufacturing, public safety, and tourism.

Our mission to utilize VR and immersive technology will have a profound impact on the training and education industries.  We have spent the past 2 years observing, developing, and testing production techniques and optimized hardware/software solutions to benefit our clients.  We will continue to learn from future advancements as this technology moves towards mainstream adoption.  Today we are prepared to actively pursue strategic relationships with training and simulation organizations beyond our region.