David Cleverdon and Breean Mckinney of 360 Immersive Discuss The Differences in Immersive Technology “AR vs VR”


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Hello.       This is Breean, and this is David with 360 Immersive. And today, we’re gonna talk about the future of AR in training technology. What can we look forward to, what are we going to be able to expect for 2019?

David:      Well, you know, a lot of organizations and people – what is the difference between virtual reality, which we’ve heard a lot about, and augmented reality. And truly in a training or educational environment, there’re two distinct purposes for that.  Virtual reality replaces my – as a learner, my reality. And it works very well. Augmented reality literally overlays, with graphics and animation and additional information, the environment that I’m walking through.  And so, they’re very distinct, different technologies, but they both work in the same way as that where I’m immersing the learner within the environment versus traditionally with TV or video on my phone, it’s just a passive environment.

Breean:     Right.

David:       We’re usually excited about augmented reality because it gives us a whole other way of taking that immersive experience and applying it to help learners and educators within the field.

Breean:     Wow. So, it’s really what we can imagine is what we’re gonna be able to start seeing come about. That’s incredible.  We’d love to have you stay tuned. Follow us to learn more as this technology continues to improve and grow throughout the coming year. Make sure you subscribe, and if you have any comments, leave them below.

This is Breean and David from 360 Immersive.

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