Jennifer Lastra of 360 Immersive hosts the WeStreamVR program “Drones”, where the 360i team teaches STEM girls to safely fly drones.


In this episode of We STREAM VR the girls have a great time understanding all about drones, how to control them, and actually learn to fly them. This episode is a fun and action-packed adventure into a technology that is becoming part of our everyday lives. Watch the girls take the drones out for a spin in their first ever control and piloting lesson.

What is We STREAM VR? – It is positive content, promoted through YouTube and Facebook that is dedicated to helping a small group of young ladies understand the future possibilities of Science | Technology | Robotics | Engineering | Arts | Math!!

This is a 3-part pilot series showcasing the power of what technology can do to shape the future of our youth – one VR experience at a time! If you like what we are doing, show your support by sharing this video on Facebook and subscribing to the We STREAM VR YouTube channel!! Very exciting times for all of us.


We STREAM VR – Flying Drones